Renate Hulley


Artist's Statement

Renate was borne and raised in Germany where she studied design at the Folkwang Art Academy in Essen.  

In England she met her husband with whom she had four children and shared a love for adventure.  They lived in London, Uganda, Edmonton, Ottawa and the Canadian Arctic.  Life in Africa ,Alberta and the Arctic inspired Renate’s love for remote places.

In 1984 Renate received a B.A. with Honors in Art History from Carleton University.  In 1991 her husband unexpectedly died.  Renate continued teaching art and painting.

Renate had long been fascinated with natural forms.  She loves wilderness and aims to isolate aspects rendered in nature.  Year after year she enlarged on themes of “Water” and “Clouds”.   In recent years Renate joint the Plein Air Ensemble, a group of artist who paint on location travelling to various parts of Quebec.  Painting directly from nature her particular interest was reflections on water. She zeroes in on parts of beauty which a viewer may overlook.

Throughout her career, her still-life flower pictures have been popular.

Website:    www.Renate