Anita Schlarb


Artist's Statement

Bio Portrait.jpg

Anita has always enjoyed being outdoors, whether it be watching a sunset, walking through a forest, or relaxing on the beach.  Her passion for travel has inspired many remarkable and compelling photographs taken in the Caribbean, in several countries of Europe, and in many American states and Canadian provinces.

A prolific composer of over 150 pieces for piano and other instruments, and an excellent reviewer of her many journeys, Anita has found, in photography, yet another outlet for her creativity and imagination.  She is excited to be able to share, through her digital imagery,  her enthusiasm for the seasons of life and nature.  Anita is a member of Maple Run Studio Tour, Crown and Pumpkin Studio Tour, Nepean Fine Arts League (NFAL) and Capital Artisans Guild.

Anita is devoted to her husband Bill, to their two daughters Valerie and Elisabeth and her extended family, to her friends, her students, and her teachers, and to God.  She has a broad range of interests and activities: she has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Ottawa, an ARCT, and has been teaching piano for over 40 years.  She plays competitive scrabble, and  she proudly holds a Third Degree Black Belt in TaeKwon-Do.

"It is my hope that these photographs will capture the beauty and the majesty of the natural world and that they will encourage the preservation of our wildlife and ecology."