Rent or Buy Original Art from Local Artists at Art Lending of Ottawa

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WHAT'S NEW.  View the recent art additions in our online gallery or enjoy browsing through several hundred original paintings plus printmaking and photography by forty local Ottawa area artists on our online gallery.

After viewing the art by our artists, you can view What's SOLD from our online galleries and art shows.

Our next art show will be on Saturday, 09 March 2019 in the Outaouais Room at the RA Centre, 2451 Riverside Dr. Ottawa from 10 am to 4 pm.  Rent or purchase original art by local area artists.  Variety of mediums, styles and sizes available.  Free admission and parking.   Art show dates and map. 

Art Lending of Ottawa (ALO) is a unique not-for-profit artists' cooperative established in 1970.  ALO invites the public to our art shows, featuring original artwork in a variety of styles and mediums by local artists.  Each piece of art can be rented or purchased outright.  Those who want variety in their homes and businesses have the choice to rent art for a minimum of three months, and the cost could be as little as $12. per month.  Rental payments can be applied toward the purchase price. 

More information on Art Lending of Ottawa in the Glebe Report - August 2016.  

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Art Show Photos

Art Demonstration at Each Art Show

Art Lending is hosting art demonstrations during the art shows at the RA Centre.  At the June art show, Janis Hall conducted a demonstration throughout the day on one of her portraits from India.  The audience was captivated by her artistic skills.  During the September art show, Ann Gruchy used mixed media to create one of her amazing abstracts.  At the December art show, Diana Westwood Guy demonstrated lino-printmaking and answered questions on this art medium.  The December art show highlighted additional art by Anne Remmer Thompson in a focus show.  

More art demonstrations and focus shows are planned during our art shows on 09 March and 01 June 2019.  

Select Art from Gallery for Pick-up on 09 March

Artists will only be able to hang a limited number of paintings or photographs at the 09 March art show.  If you see a painting or photograph in our online gallery that you would like to rent or purchase, you can arrange pick-up at the 09 March art show by submitting a request form.   Requests for art pick-up at the March art show can be submitted 27 January - 07 March 2019.

If you are unable to view our website gallery artwork information including dimensions, medium and price; please read gallery note.  

Art Rentals for Business Offices and Home Staging

Specific art requirements for your business can be arranged by contacting us.  Rental rates for our art are based on the price provided for each art item in the website gallery.  Art delivery and pick-up can be provided at an extra cost.  A minimum three month rental period can be increased in one month increments, as required for home staging.  

Art rental is an option for many businesses, providing tax advantages and an opportunity to more frequently update your office art.  Art Lending of Ottawa has a large selection of local art in our gallery for the business office or to stage, show and sell your home.  Large paintings and photographs for your office lobby or conference room can be viewed in our special large paintings /photographs gallery    

New Artist Members

Local artists living within or near the National Capital Region can apply to become an Art Lending of Ottawa member.  Our next annual jury will be held in early Spring 2019.  See Jury Details for more information.

Other Local Art Events with ALO Artists

Ottawa Art Gallery Exhibition December 2018 – 02 January 2019
Jacqueline Ratto-Allard is participating in the annual group exhibition of artists at the Galery Annexe of the Ottawa Art Gallery until 2 Jan 2019.
Location: Ottawa Art Gallery, 50 Mackenzie King Bridge, Ottawa

Fall Gallery Exhibition 21 September 2018 - 09 January 2019
Linda Bordage is participating in the Fall Gallery Exhibition at Ben Franklin Place with the Nepean Fine Arts League. Many works of art by local artists are on view and for sale.
Date: 21 September 2018 to 09 January 2019
Location: Ben Franklin Place in the foyer (two levels beside the Centre Pointe Theatre).

Rental & Sales

Rental is based on the value of each article.  Artwork may be rented and, if purchased, the previous rental payments will be deducted from the purchase price.

Reasons to rent original art from Art Lending of Ottawa

  • Change art when you are ready for something new

  • More affordable than purchasing

  • Enjoy art before committing to purchase on our rent-to-own plan

  • Support local artists in our community

  • Provide business tax advantages compared to art purchases

  • Increase buyer interest using art when staging a home for sale.