Become a Borrower

Art Lending of Ottawa functions as part of the “sharing economy” by offering a way to enhance your home with high quality art, at a fraction of the price you would pay to purchase great art through a commercial gallery.

Our artists have been juried into ALO, and they represent a broad range of media and styles.  Depending on the art forms that artists present for jurying, our shows may offer original paintings, drawings, sculpture, fabric art, photographs, printmaking, mixed media and other types of fine art.

You may buy our art, or you may lease it for a specified period (3, 6, 9, 12 months), at very reasonable prices.  Based on the value of the artwork you choose, here’s what you’ll pay each month, for a minimum of three months:

        $  75 - $ 100 = $ 12                             $ 501 - $ 600 = $ 22                              $1001 - $1100 = $ 32

        $ 101 - $ 200 = $ 14                            $ 601 - $ 700 = $ 24                              $1101 - $1200 = $ 34

        $ 201 - $ 300 = $ 16                            $ 701 - $ 800 = $ 26                               $1201 - $1300 = $ 36

        $ 301 - $ 400 = $ 18                            $ 801 - $ 900 = $ 28                               $1301 - $1400 = $ 38

        $ 401 - $ 500 = $ 20                            $ 901 - $1000 = $ 30                              $1401 - $1500 = $ 40.  **

**  Rental payments for any art priced above $1500. are an additional $2. /month for each additional $100. increment in the total art price.

If you prefer to simply buy a piece of art, you may do that.  The prices are set by the artists, and ALO charges them a low commission on each sale – much less than commercial galleries charge.  So, ALO artists can afford to give you a better price. Your money will stretch further with ALO.

After renting a piece of art, if you decide that you want to purchase it, you may apply the rental paid toward the purchase price of that same piece of art.

To be eligible to rent art work through ALO, you will need to sign a Borrower's Contract that covers the various aspects of leasing our works of art.  The contract can be signed at our art shows. Once signed, you will be assigned a borrower number, and you will be able to rent or buy artwork from ALO, at your pleasure. You will need to show us one piece of photo ID, as well as a credit card.  This information will be kept on file, by ALO, but will not be shared with ANYONE else.

On show days, you’re invited to visit the Outaouais Room at the RA Centre, between the hours of 10 am and 4 pm, where the available art will be on display.  You may view it at your leisure.  There will be ALO volunteers on hand to answer your questions and guide you through the process.  And, there are often artists on hand, who will enjoy talking with you.

Some of our clients have used this opportunity to introduce their children to fine art, by permitting them to select the pieces that the family will enjoy for the upcoming three months.

After choosing a piece or pieces of art, you will take it to the check-out desk, where your rental or purchase will be recorded. While you pay for your rental/purchase, your fine art will be wrapped, to protect it during your trip home.

At the end of the rental period, you must bring back the piece of art, during a scheduled show (10 am – 4 pm).   ALO volunteers will confirm that it has not been damaged, and record that it has been returned and is ready to be leased by someone else.  

If you wish to purchase the piece of art or lease it for a longer period, you can do so at the next show.  If you are unable to attend an art show to purchase or extend an art rental, please contact ALO at artlendingofottawa@gmail.com .  You will be contacted to arrange payments using a credit card or cheque.  Please be aware the contract states, a late payment fee will be charged in addition to the next 3 months rental fees for each piece of art if you do not make payment arrangements by the time of the next ALO Show.

And, we hope you’ll then choose another piece of fine art to display and enjoy in your home or office.  Art Lending of Ottawa looks forward to welcoming you to our community of discerning art lovers!

Select Art from Gallery for Pick-up on 14 December

Artists will only be able to hang a limited number of paintings or photographs at the 14 December art show.  If you see a painting or photograph in our website gallery that you would like to rent or purchase, you can arrange pick-up at the 14 December art show by submitting a request form.  Requests for art pick-up at the December art show can be submitted 10 November - 12 December 2019.

The price, medium and size of the art can be displayed for any painting or photograph in the gallery by clicking on the image and moving the mouse pointer over the enlarged image.  On a mobile device tap on the image and tap on lower right hand corner of screen to display painting or photograph information.