Yoon Kim

Acrylic, Oil

Biography and Artist's Statement

Nature is always my source of creative impulses.  I have been trying to develop an intuitive faculty of sensing the inherent qualities of things that dominate my desire for synthesizing matter, space and colour; hopefully in a metaphysical sense – be it figurative or non-figurative paintings.

Fine Art Education

  • Professional Fine Art Certificate
  • Fine Arts, Université du Québec en Outaouais


  • Canada, UK, USA, France, Poland Japan, Korea


  • Various awards and prizes in both painting and calligraphy including Vermeil Medal, de Societe Academique d’Education et d’Encouragement , Paris, France

Art Collections

  • Government of Canada
  • IBM
  • Private collections

Publications and Interviews

  • Magazine: Le Pluralisme dans l’art au Québec
  • Magazine: Magazinart biennal guide

Professional Memberships

  • Director, North America branch of Mokwoohoe Fine Art Association of Korea
  • Previous member of Societe d’Art et du Lettre, couronee par l’Academie Française
  • Art Lending of Ottawa
  • Ottawa Guild of Potters
  • Recommended Calligrapher of Korea