Susan Moxley

Acrylic, Ink, Oil, Watercolour, Mixed Media, Pastel

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Artist's Statement

Art in all forms has always been a part of my life.  Whether it is colour, shape or composition their combinations can evoke strong feelings.  To create, whether it is gardens, clothes or art brings enormous satisfaction.  My retirement project has been to become more active in the visual arts through education and practice that encourage me to be more adventurous with various mediums and techniques. 

Meeting art lovers and hearing their feedback about my work is helpful.  It is incredibly rewarding when a person loves a painting enough to purchase it and tells me what it means to them.  In addition the challenge of taking on different subjects has led me to accept commissions.

This path has led me to participate in a variety of courses, workshops and tojoin art organizations.  Following this path is also leading me to develop a style I enjoy and hopefully others will too.  And so following Pablo Picasso's adage I continue to strive to:

        “Learn the rules like a pro. Break them like an artist”

A member of The Manotick Art Association and Art Lending Ottawa