Roy Brash



Roy Brash is a Canadian contemporary visual artist, using mostly acrylics as a medium.  A native of Pembroke, Ontario, he now resides in Ottawa where he has a studio.

Roy grew up by the Ottawa River.  His love of nature had a major impact on his art and his later depictions of animals, landscapes and water scenes.  He admires in particular the power and beauty of water.

Roy developed his affinity for art in his early years.  He furthered his artistic interests by studying oils, watercolours and clay sculptures, independently, or with various teachers.

Roy makes art because it fulfills a creative need in him.  He enjoys particularly the medi-tative side of painting.  He is passionate about his art and gets fully immersed into the subject while painting.

For him, the process of creating is both conscious and impulsive.  He perceives nature as perfect and feels humble when trying to replicate its beauty on canvas.

He believes that a painting should tell a story and provide interest to the viewer.  Vivid colours and design are important to him and he tries to use them to express mood and motion.

Roy has exhibited at several shows and galleries and won many awards.  His works now hang in private, public and corporate collections across Quebec, Ontario, the U.S. and Italy.  Some of his works were selected by the Colart Collection, a premiere collec-tor of contemporary Canadian works.