Roy Brash


Artist’s Statement

I make art because it fulfills a creative need in myself. I enjoy particularly its meditative side. I am passionate about my art and enjoy being fully immersed into the subject while painting.

For me, a painting should tell a story and provide interest to the viewer. I am attentive to colours and composition in expressing various moods or in presenting action scenes. I am particularly moved when a person reacts or feels an emotion by looking at my art.

I enjoy painting inspirational or captivating scenes. Water has a special attraction and I love to show its power and beauty. Many of my paintings are illustrations of my own life experiences, including my travels and sea voyages.

As an artist, I believe that the process of creating is both conscious and impulsive. While a painting is in progress, I imagine various images unto the uncompleted work and often the final artwork may be quite different than the original concept I had at the beginning. The painting has a life of its own…

I perceive nature as perfect and feel humble when trying to replicate its beauty on canvas. I look forward growing into my art and exploring new media and themes.

I have exhibited at several shows and galleries in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and the United States. My works now hang in private, public and corporate collections throughout Quebec, Ontario, the U.S. and Europe.