Richard Pell


Artist’s Statement

Throughout my journey as an artist, I have been influenced by colour, nature, architectural features and buildings. My art depicts just some of the beauty, feel and excitement found in natural settings and architectural buildings from across Canada, the United States, South America and Europe.


Richard Pell is a fourth generation Canadian with a love of art, architecture and the outdoors. He developed a passion for creative expression at an early age and was encouraged by the beauty of natural landscapes, artistic members of his family and later from his study of Architecture.

His artwork is done in acrylic or watercolour and ink on paper or canvas. The subject of his artwork is natural landscape settings, abstracts as well as architectural features and buildings that have a sentimental or historical significance.

Over the past number of years he has participated in numerous local Art Shows and Sales across the City. His artwork is exhibited in many venues in the Ottawa area and is held in private and commercial collections across Canada.

Over the years he has studied under local and other Canadian artists. Richard is an active member of several art groups across the city. He is married with two children and four grandchildren.

Richard believes that artwork should leave an impression not only in the viewer’s mind but also their heart.