Rashmi Rekha

Oil and Acrylic


‘Painting is my way to experiencing the liberation of thoughts and feelings and ultimately my soul.  It takes me to that wonderful space where I can be with my instinct and dance in symphony of colors in rhyme. ‘

Rashmi Rekha has an academic background in physics and professional standing in information technology and Business management with a deep passion for art.  Rashmi never stopped painting at any time in her life.

She pursued her training in visual arts mostly through self-study and observations.  She also received first-hand experience through a short term apprenticeship with Ottawa’s artist Nym Gautama.  Her more recent work has been in oil and acrylic.

Recurring themes:  Social pressure, scientific inquiry of a contemporary scene, burden of wisdom and awareness.

Installations:    ProSoya Atrium, 550 LacolleWay, Ottawa
                           Midway Family Fun Park,Ottawa
                           CISTEL Corp. 203 Colonnade Rd. Unit 201, Ottawa

Gallery:             Kevin Dodds Gallery

Exhibition & Shows

  • Mar - May 2016     St Laurent Center, Ottawa
  • Jan - Mar 2016      Promenade Arteast, Shenkman Arts Center(SAC)
  • Nov- Jan 2016       Winter Mix, St Laurent Center
  • Oct - Nov 2015       AJAE, St Laurent Center
  • Aug - Sep 2015     Duo Exhibition(Juried), AOE Galley, SAC
  • February 2015       Arteast Mosaic
  • Sept 2014             `Selections` (SAC)
  • July 2014               Solo Exhibition, `Thru The Prism`, 550 Lacolle Way Ottawa
  • June 2014              The Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery juried selection for Great Canadian Theatre Company’s premier of George F. Walker's Burden of Self-Awareness. 
  • June 2012              Canadian Gharana Festival(Juried), SAC               

Member of:    ALO, OAA, ARTEAST, AOE, National Gallery of Canada


  •  Sketch2015, SAW- Gallery
  •  Make a Wish
  •  Transitions - Thoroughbreds - Cumberland
  •  Child Haven International