Manju Sah

Oil, Acrylic, Watercolour

Artist's Statement

Why do I paint? I find that there is something very wonderful about a world magically come to life with each stroke of the brush.   Painting has made me see the world differently - the play of light and colour is captivating - be it landscapes, flowers, or people - and that is what I try to convey through my canvases.

I have been painting professionally for over twenty years now.  Though initially self-taught, I have taken many courses over the years with private instructors, at the Ottawa School of Art, the St. Lawrence College in Brockville, Fleming College in Halliburton, and the Ottawa-Carleton School Board.

I paint mostly with oils and acrylics, and sometimes with watercolours.  My earlier focus was on landscapes and I still love painting them.  I also enjoy painting portraits.  However, my latest passion has been flowers – I like to play with colour, light, and texture in flowers.  I have a wonderful garden that has been, and continues to be a source of inspiration for a number of my paintings.

Over the years I have participated in many local art shows, such as Art in the Park, the Ottawa Tulip Festival, and at the Ottawa Little Theatre as a member of the Ottawa Art Association.  Since 2006, I have had the great pleasure of being one of the artists in the West End Studio Tour that takes place annually in Ottawa's Wellington West and Westboro neighbourhoods.