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To view the art and Biography/ Artist's Statement for an artist; select the artist's image below or select an artist from the left navigation bar. From the selected artist's gallery;  the price, medium and size of the art can be displayed for any painting or photograph by clicking on the image and moving the mouse pointer over the enlarged image.  On a mobile device tap on the image and tap on lower right hand corner of screen to display painting or photograph information.

The art rental cost for any selected art item is based on the art sale price.  The art rental monthly costs are listed in Borrowers information.

Copies (reproductions, giclées) of original art are NOT available; only original artwork is for sale /rent. Copies (prints) of Photography and Printmaking can sometimes be made available upon request. Our gallery includes acrylic, oil, watercolour and mixed media paintings by numerous artists plus
* Batik by Jenn Raby
* Encaustics by Marie Léger
* Pastels by Leslie Firth
* Photo-based Art by David Becker, John Hugh Craig, Ginny Fobert, Anita Schlarb and Miles Whittingham
* Printmaking by Linda Bordage and Diana Westwood Guy